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Game Information

Each game has between 7-12 players, 2-3 of which are wolves (decided at random). Games take between 1-15 minutes depending on the amount of "days" played and how long you survive. Each day, information and lies are exchanged, a player is elected into power, and the Wolves eat a Sheep of their choice

Your job as a Sheep: Share what you know, calculate the odds, detect the lies, instigate action, make sure your team does the right thing, and make your votes count!

Your job as a Wolf: Act like a Sheep while sabotaging their efforts

Useful Skills: Deduction, Psychology, Communication, Math, Politics, Luck

Sheep win if they eliminate all the Wolves.
Wolves win if they eat & eliminate enough sheep that their numbers are even (2 Sheep 2 Wolves, or 1 and 1)

Each Day

Daytime - information and lies are exchanged

Suspect - everyone picks a suspect

Trust - players elect someone into power

Eliminate - that player eliminates a suspected player

Evening - use special abilities, or sleep

Night - wolves eat the tastiest sheep

Characters & Special Abilities

Gets hungry at night
Converts a player into a Traitor instead of eating. May only use once.
Picks a player during the evening, controls that player during the next day
Wins if wolves win, knows who wolves are. Appears as Sheep in every way (even to the Wolves)
Poor eyesight
Picks a player during the evening, learns the true role of that player
Picks a player to protect from wolves that night, if successful, loses this ability
Booby traps a player in the evening. If the player is attacked by wolves, the player and a random wolf both die
Knows the true role of all dead players

Clues are found at random on the first day. Only the player who found the clue knows the truth about it

Wool fibres
Indicates a player is working for the Sheep.
Wolf hair fibres
Indicates a player is more likely to be working for the Wolves.
Multiple wool fibres
Indicates 2 players that are working together.

Other Stuff

  Lives: If you die in a ranked game, you lose a Life. You get 2 Lives every 24 hours, you can buy more in the store with gold. Free are used before purchased ones

  Gold: In ranked games you will earn varying amounts of Gold depending on how well you play and if your team wins the game. Anything in the store can be bought with Gold so try to play good!

  Boosts: When you play a game your Character is chosen randomly. Boosts help you get the character you want. For example, if you buy a Wolf Boost and use it, you'll be a Wolf that game. If multiple people boost for the same Character, the boosts not used will get returned to you

  Props: Props (Hats, Shades, Sweaters, Etc..) can be purchased in the store and equipped to your Character. Props grant no special advantages, they are purely for fun!

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